Elton Primary School


Welcome to Elton Primary School Uniform Shop

Elton Primary School is all about inspired, nurtured, happy children having fun and working hard. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, open school and have high expectations for all our pupils.

We have a uniform at Elton Primary and all children are encouraged to wear it. We believe that this encourages a sense of pride and belonging in the school and helps develop self confidence as well as establishing a standard of suitable dress for school.

To avoid inconvenience and any distress we ask that all childrens clothing is marked with their name.

Update March 2022 – the school logo has been updated slightly to add the word “Nursery”. There are a limited number of garments ready embroidered with the existing logo and these may be included in orders until such time as they have gone.

Full details of the school uniform policy can be found in the page listed in the menu to the left.

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