St Bede’s Catholic Primary School


St Bede’s Catholic Primary School aims to develop learning in a Christian, caring environment and to promote the Catholic faith.

Our uniform is very smart and the governors, headteacher and staff at St Bede’s strive to uphold this standard. If children are correctly dressed this will promote good behaviour and the right attitude to school life. School uniform also helps to develop the important aspect of “belonging”. By encouraging them to take a pride in their school uniform we believe this will raise their self-confidence.

The selected uniform is suitable for day to day attendance and robust enough to withstand the rigours of school life. The garments offer good quality at a fair price.

All items of clothing must be labelled with the child’s name to avoid confusion over mislaid articles.

Tracksuits may be worn in cold weather for outdoor lessons.

Where appropriate green hair accessories should be worn.

Summer uniform can be worn from Easter up to the October half-term. Winter uniform should be worn at other times.

Jewellery can present problems of safety especially during PE lessons and playtime. The wearing of jewellery including earrings, sleepers etc. is therefore prohibited except for wrist watches. The school does not however, accept the responsibility for the loss or damage of any item or article of value, which is brought into school.

Appropriate footwear is particularly important in school. Shoes should be plain, black or brown and low-heeled. Some fashionable shoes are particularly unsuitable as they can lead to accidents.

Full details of the school uniform policy can be found in the page listed in the menu to the left.

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