St Thomas More Catholic High School


Welcome to St Thomas More Catholic High School’s uniform shop

St. Thomas More High School is a voluntary aided Catholic comprehensive school for boys and girls aged 11 to 16 based in Crewe. We are a Specialist School for Maths, ICT and Modern Languages and through our mission statement we aim:

  • TO identify and value the individual abilities and qualities of all pupils, helping and encouraging them to develop fully their knowledge, skills, potential and sense of self-worth, and at the same time promoting a spirit of respect and concern for others.
  • TO make prayer, worship and liturgy meaningful experiences for pupils as members of the school community, while helping all pupils to develop their own sense of spirituality and morality through personal reflection and response.
  • TO offer an excellent education, maintaining a challenging environment, which encourages high academic aspirations and achievements through positive teaching and learning practices, and providing every possible help and support to the young people in our care.
  • TO make our pupils confident, caring and contributing members of society, developing their awareness of the needs of others and inspiring their response to these needs through involvement in school life and the life of the parish and the wider community.

We have a smart and practical uniform and we believe that adherence to the school uniform policy helps in maintaining levels of pupil confidence and behaviour and contributes significantly to the overall high levels of achievement and attainment we enjoy.

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