The Meadows Primary School


Welcome to the uniform shop of The Meadows Primary School. At The Meadows we consider uniform to be very important and our chosen uniform has been selected to be both smart and practical.

Our school uniform, as agreed with parents and carers, is listed on the School Uniform page, found by clicking in the menu to the left, and is also found in the school’s prospectus.

It is important for us all that children are sensibly dressed and have appropriate footwear, so that they can take full advantage of all activities offered by the school.

All pupils are expected to abide by the policy on school uniform and personal appearance. We are confident that our parents, having applied for a place at The Meadows for their child, will support the policy on uniform and personal appearance.

We have a general policy of no jewellery in school as it can cause both security and safety problems. We are happy however to make the following exceptions:

  • Children may wear watches (which must be removed for P.E)
  • Jewellery worn for religious reasons will be allowed.
  • Small, plain stud earrings may be worn by children who have had their ears pierced, but these must be removed for P.E and swimming, or micropore type tape must be provided to cover the studs.

We do not consider it appropriate for pupils to have extreme hair styles. Dyed/coloured hair or designs shaved into the hair are not acceptable.  All long hair must be tied up neatly so that children can concentrate and safely enjoy all the activities at school.  Plain navy ribbons and slides can be worn throughout the year or, with the summer dress, plain red, or red check, ribbons and red slides may be worn if preferred.

The garments listed in this shop have been chosen by the school to offer good quality at a fair price.

All items of uniform and other personal belongings, including swimming and PE kits, should be clearly marked with the child’s name, this minimises disruption and distress should items get mislaid.

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