Benefits to Schools

While we recognise that parents are the paying customers of School Style it is the schools and their children that make our business possible. Our commitment and our proposition deliver a range of valuable benefits to schools; small and large.

  • No Charges – There are no set up charges for schools, ONLY BENEFITS.
  • Free Up Administration – Many schools are burdened by the administration involved in arranging school uniform supply – relieves that burden allowing staff to concentrate on core duties.
  • Free Up Funds and Storage – School funds and other resources are better put to curriculum and welfare needs than tied up in school uniform stock. School Style will ensure stock is available quickly to parents thereby eliminating the need for stock holding and improving cash flow and space.
  • Control Over School Uniform – Our business model means that school decision makers decide on appropriate garments ensuring that there is total control over school uniform policy.
  • Improved Enforcement – The lower prices and high quality offered by mean that parents are happier to buy official uniform items and uniform compliance improves.
  • Your Own Dedicated School Uniform Shop – School Style creates a dedicated school uniform shop for your school. The structure is flexible and typically includes a welcome page, details about the uniform policy as well as shopping pages for official school uniform items plus any other general items from our range that the school wishes.
  • Choice – We do NOT represent any single supplier/manufacturer and instead provide you with a choice of uniform garments so that you can choose those most suitable for yoor school. While we welcome any school that adopts as its only supplier we are more than happy to work with schools on an ‘alternative supplier’ basis and compete based on quality, price and service.
  • Inclusive Service – School Style recognises the need to provide its services to families from all backgrounds. For those parents without credit cards or those who are reluctant to use a credit card online we offer the facility to pay by cheque or by phone. Where the school agrees we will also accept payment via the school. Schools are provided with preferential account logins enabling them to order any items on credit terms.
  • Flexibility – School Style offers a leap forward in flexibility. Our investment in in-house embroidery infrastructure means that we can offer FREE SET UP and NO MINIMUM orders. It also means that we can respond quickly to adhoc requests and to the need for samples.
  • Contributions to School – Some schools choose to make a ‘commission’ from the supply of uniform and our model accomodates this. Every time a garment is ordered from a school’s dedicated uniform Shop pages it means we are able to contribute more to the school.
  • Easy to set up – We work with schools to ensure that the set up process is easy and happens at a pace that suits them. We will meet and present to school representatives, governing bodies, parent associations and other interested stakeholders if required.
    – We will quickly provide samples of garments and embroidery.
    – We will agree pricing and simple terms.
    – We can set up the web shop within 5 days.
  • Design Work – The in-house design facilities at School Style are generally available free of charge should schools wish to redesign or introduce a new school logo.
  • Staff and Team Wear – Most schools who use our online service for uniform also enjoy easy ordering and great value on other items such as staffwear, workwear, teamwear, leavers hoodies etc

We know that school uniform can be a sensitive and contentious issue but the feedback that we receive means we are confident that our proposition will improve overall satisfaction levels and offers many benefits that will appeal to both small and large schools.

To find out more about how easy it is to work with us and how we can benefit your school and your parent community please email us, use our contact form or call us on 03333 01 1231.