Payment recognises that different people have different preferences and needs in terms of how to pay for goods.

We try to offer a fully inclusive service and are happy to accept payment in a number of different ways to meet customers’ individual needs and circumstances.

  • On-line credit/debit card – this uses latest security techniques and is the quickest and most convenient method *
  • Off-line credit/debit card – if you prefer, you will have the opportunity to place your order and then telephone us at a free/ local call charge rate with your credit card details
  • By cheque – should you prefer not to use a credit card you can opt to pay by cheque
  • Through the school – this is subject to your child’s school agreeing to this and you will only see this option if the school has agreed to this option

Simply select the chosen payment type when you reach the checkout stage of your order. Please note that orders for payment by cheque may not be despatched until payment is cleared. Where orders indicate that payment is to be made by the school, then the school will be contacted for confirmation and the order held until confirmation is received. When your school has agreed to this facility you will be responsible for paying the school directly.

* Using credit cards on-line with is safe. We take the security of all our customers very seriously and use all the latest security technology to ensure that your transaction is protected. We will never receive nor see your credit card details which are sent directly and securely to your bank’s payment service provider. For more information on your security please visit our safe shopping pages.