Your account

At the checkout you will have the option to set up an account or to log in to your account if you already have one. Our policy is that this is NOT compulsory and you can always purchase as a “GUEST” without registering or logging in.

If you do create an account the system will be able to store your details securely until next time you shop with us. The benefit of this is that is you will not have to enter your contact and delivery details each time you shop and the system will also keep a record of what you have purchased and provide you with a Quickshop facility which may speed things up next time you visit.

Note: in moving to this new web platform in 2020 it has not been possible to migrate details of previous orders from the previous site. Please contact the office if you require details of those previous orders.,

All the system asks for is your name and contact details plus a user name and password. We do NOT receive and do NOT store credit card details and you can be assured that your other details are protected. For more information please visit our Privacy Page.

Should we need to contact you it will usually due to a query relating to your order, payment or delivery. In this case will normally endeavour to contact you by email in the first instance then by phone if a valid number has been provided.