Sizing – Our Approach

All individual garment pages on this website include sizing information for that particular garment and you should refer to those.

We use manufacturers’ sizing, to ensure consistency without compromising choice and to provide you with the facts that will enable you to make the best choice.

You can rest assured that all garments listed by age range will fit an average child in that age range. You will achieve a looser fit buy buying a larger chest size.

Please note that where age ranges are shown, these are indicative. So if, for instance, your child is large for their age and in particular at the upper end of an age range you should consider the next age range up.

By way of example, Polo Shirts for Age 3-4 from different manufacturers may include 24”, 25” and 26” chest size. To some extent this reflects the style of the garment because some are designed to have a looser or tighter fit than others. It also reflects the differing interpretation of sizing by different manufacturers.

The safest way to ensure accurate sizing is to refer to the diagram to the right and our measuring tips and take a couple of simple measurements.

Tips for taking measurements

Ideally, take your actual body measurements as they are more accurate than measuring over your clothes.

  • Chest (A) – measure the chest at the fullest part, placing the tape close up under the arms.
  • Waist (B) – measure around the natural waist, keeping the tape measure taut.
  • Inside Leg (C) – position tape at the top of the inside leg at the crotch and measure to where the bottom of the trousers would hang.
  • Outside Leg (D) – position tape at normal belt/ waistband position and measure to where the bottom of the trousers would hang.
  • Collar (E) – position tape around the base of the neck where the collar would sit.

Tip: If you do not have a tape measure to hand it is possible to use a piece of cord, mark it at the right length and then accurately measure that with a ruler.

Anyone who has shopped for clothes will appreciate the different approaches to sizing used by different manufacturers. As we try and offer a wide choice, you may come across this on