Cookies are used by all e-commerce websites and they are used on Cookies are simply small text files that are sent from a web server to a web browser when the browser accesses a web site. Cookies cannot contain or propagate viruses and will cause no damage to your computer. They are used solely to improve the speed,  ease of interaction between you and our site and generally to improve the overall experience you have as a valued customer. uses a ‘first-party’ cookie (sesstag) to enable the site to keep a record of your selections and preferences as you move around the site and to ensure that chosen items can be added to your unique ‘basket’. This is a temporary cookie and will be deleted within 24 hours of you closing your internet browser. This cookie is essential for the site to function properly. Without this cookie it would not be possible to provide you with a ‘shopping basket’ facility and each time you visit a new page you would be treated as a new visitor. Furthermore, without the use of cookies those customers who would like to create an account would not be able to do so.

By adjusting the settings in your browser, you may be able to refuse to accept cookies, set options to accept or reject cookies, or to simply receive notice of cookies being used on a site. However, while refusing cookies will still allow you to view the website it will limit your experience or block altogether those features of the website, among others, that are listed above.

You will NOT find any advertising on which means that, unlike many other sites, there are no advertising related ‘tracking cookies’ monitoring your likes and dislikes to be concerned about.

The only third party cookies that you find on are Google Analytics cookies which are used by half of all the websites in the world to help website owners to understand visitor numbers and page/ navigation preferences. They serve no other purpose and are anonymous in that they do not identify you as an individual and nor do they identify you to any other party.

If you wish to turn off ‘third-party’ cookies you will find that some browsers enable you to distinguish between ‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’ and to block the ‘third-party’ whilst allowing the ‘first-party’. If you allow first party (which is required for the website to function) but block third party website will function correctly and your experience will be unaffected.