Combatting Fraud

Like all other businesses and particularly other on-line businesses School Style gets targeted by those looking to defraud us using stolen credit/ debit card details.

This costs us money and in order to minimise these costs and to keep our prices to genuine customers as low as possible we have introduced a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to fraud.

During the check-out process you will be asked to enter your card details. This is a secure process and School Style never see these details. They are communicated securely and directly to an independent payment provider who validates the details you provide with your bank/ card provider.

As well as accepting or declining a payment request we are also provided with a RISK SCORE.

Any transaction that receives a high RISK SCORE will be subject to further checks before any goods are sent out. If we do not receive reassurance on the validity of the payment then the order will be cancelled.

Any phone number, address, email address or card that is regarded as high risk in the banking system will return a HIGH RISK score.